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Why You Don’t Need A Website To Make Money Online

Yoga teachers be like,


“oh yeah I definitely want my yoga business to be online. ⁣

So, I’ll just build a website. ⁣”⁣


I get it, websites used to be ‘the storefront’ when the world first realized the importance of the internet on an obvious level.


But that was circa 2004, when only the busiest people had beepers to communicate with people who needed to get in touch with them at all times. 


Also, having a storefront never guaranteed more business anyway. 


Because having a store doesn’t require that you do any research before you start attempting to sell junk out of one.


In the old days, you just bought a store and hoped for the best.


Luckily with how important the internet has become, you can do a lot more research before attempting to run a business model that crashes.


Nowadays, we’re in touch with so many people online, that we can do something that is counterintuitively simple.


We can ask.


We can ask prospects what they might buy before they buy it.


We can draw the parallel that this smallish group of people represents the answer to a more pressing problem that you’d face as a store, which is what do you sell? 


And furthermore, what will make people buy what you sell?


But if you ask a web designer without knowing the answer to this fundamental business question, a web designer is going to have a really hard time fixing the problem that you’ve yet to solve. 


Questions a web designer won’t ask you but that you should know before you build your site are: ⁣

How are you going to drive traffic to this site?⁣


What type of person do you want to come to this site?

What will people do once they get there?⁣

What will you write on your website?⁣

Why is anyone going to read it?⁣


How are you going to serve who comes to the website after that?⁣


What’s your brand identity? 


If you don’t know the answer to these questions, then you’re still in the proof of concept phase. If you can’t sell what you intended on selling in the first place, you’re by definition, in the proof of concept phase. 


If you build a website without completing the proof of concept phase, you’re setting yourself up to fail.


Not that failing is a bad thing, it’s just that your website won’t mean anything, and it’ll probably be confusing to the people who land on the site.


People won’t consciously ask themselves why there are so many icons all over the page, pulling their attention in multiple directions, they’ll just leave the page.


They’ll say, hmm, this website has way more going on than I have the attention span to consume right now.


You don’t want people to visit your site and think “bye”


You want them to visit the site and think “buy”


Building a website without a proof of concept is like lighting $36 on fire every month.


⁣However, as a yoga instructor, once you’ve secured your proof of concept, the sky’s the limit. #thankyouinternet⁣

A website will definitely help you after this point on your journey. ⁣Just not before.


Having a website is fun, and techy and artistic. It’ll challenge you in a great way.


And it’ll cost money.


Do you want there to be a return on building your website?


If yes, then secure your proof of concept first as a yoga teacher, and then build the website.


Having a website can’t increase business on its own.

Especially TODAY. ⁣

Just the same way that teaching classes, running courses, having a car to get you to class, and reading books won’t give you more business on their own.


A resource like a website won’t drive business on its own either.


It’s the work that goes into teaching the class, getting to the class and the way you employ the books that drive class appeal. 

I think people want to build a website to display their ideas as a designer and that’s totally awesome!


But you can also do that for free on the many apps already available to you for free.


A good website displays your business concept, which means you need proof your business works in order to see a return, especially as a yoga instructor.


Secure your proof of concept first, then build the website!!⁣ 


For more information on what a proof of concept is as a yoga instructor in business, see this page or chat with me.


Or follow along by joining our group of like-minded yogis in business!




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