Hi, I’m Molly!

E-RYT 500, and Private Yoga Teacher

My mission is to help people access yoga classes quickly and easily without the pressure and time constraint involved with going to the studio.

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Molly is a yoga teacher based in Charleston, SC, who teaches a variety of styles of yoga and has experience teaching all levels of yoga.

Molly offers Holistic Career Coaching through her signature course, the Aligned Yogis Method, and yoga classes via Private Yoga. Click below for details.

  • Molly put this package together in a way that allows me to learn what works, take what I need and implement it immediately. She makes the process of building my business fun!

    She givees a ton of accountability and support and it keeps me wanting to work even harder because she provides so much positive motivation.

    The presentation of the material makes it that much more fun and she clearly put her all into this program. She thought of every detail plus she sprinkled the program with love. I just got another client! I’ve gained so much momentum in my business! Plus, I gained four clients total within the first two weeks of us working together!

    Madhavi Rao, RYT 200, Nuclear Medicine Technologist

  • I’m a sales consultant and when I felt like I was in a rut, Molly mentioned that she was doing career coaching. She and I spoke for an hour on my way to work two Fridays ago. She helped me get back to basics and flip what I was negatively constructing in my mind into positives and helped me realize where I was self sabotaging and what I could do to improve. NO JOKE– I am over my goal 125% and have three more sales days in the month! I’M BACK!!:) And I can only thank Molly for helping me realize my strengths!! Thank you for boosting my confidence and sales Molly!

    Jenny Goodwin, Sono Bello, Cherry Hill, NJ

  • Molly is a great instructor. I just started practicing yoga about 6 months ago and she has taught me so much. She is always encouraging her students to work to the next level but be comfortable on the mat while protecting your body from injury. She is also great at helping you modify a pose to fully benefit from your time in the mat!


    Stacey Metty, DMD, Chapel Hill, NC

  • Her program was absolutely amazing. I love leaving her class with what I call “yoga brain”, you know, that complete euphoric feeling after a good practice.


    Trexler Littlejohn, Founder of Nippitaty Distillery, Charleston, SC

  • I just started with Molly and it is awesome!! She has such a kind and genuine vibe. She also provides encouragement and gentle nudges to take us to the next level. I’m excited to continue with Molly and increase my yoga practice. She’s the best!!!


    Blair Hranowsky, Charleston, SC

  • Molly is the best at providing body awareness cues and tapping into lesser used muscles. She creates a safe space, provides challenges, and works towards particular poses in a deliberate way. She is always expanding her own practice and bringing what she’s learned back to class with enthusiasm. Her class is equal parts challenge and fun!

    Amy Vargas, Environmental Scientist, Charleston, SC

  • I really enjoy class with Molly. It’s such a good wind-down from the day, while still challenging and different each time.

    – Elizabeth Rogers, Yoga Student