How To Overcome Anxiety In The Information Age


We are bombarded with all sorts of imbalances from every direction, and for me, the happiness, satisfaction and contentment of staying in balance internally is all I’m really worried about.  I get especially bombarded by the sensory overload and excess of information that I just don’t know where to start.

When I take a moment for myself, like go to a yoga studio to share my experience with others, for example, although it seems simple, it’s so empowering. When I embody that empowerment on the mat, I reorganize internally.

Cultivating the deep connection with self, on the mat, helps me attract that connection off the mat, in the material world. And when I say material world I mean, our perception of the physical world that exists outside of ourselves (in our mind).

When I take the time to cultivate this connection with self, I’m making a difference in the world outside of me, like a ripple effect. I become a magnet for fresh, local food, attract tools to form an integral, balanced lifestyle, attract new knowledge about sustainable technology and a better life for all sentient beings.

After class, I start to think of mother Earth and her gifts, like I’m a part of the Earth and the Earth is part of me. I want to tune into how to care for her. I start thinking of ways to nurture the universe, feed her and nourish her, add positive vibes to the atmosphere, and cultivate new ways to effect change. After yoga, I think this in the same way I would want to care for my own self, body, mind, physicality, connection & experience. There is no difference between myself and others. All of a sudden, there is no out-there, out there, independent of what’s in here internally.

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