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Make A Bigger Impact As A Yoga Instructor


As a yoga instructor, you know that growth in getting your name out there and building a business as a yoga instructor isn’t linear.

You may also see that once you have a following, it’s still a challenge to convert those to clients.

Maybe you’ve been active on social media or teaching for a long time, but you’re still not seeing results.

It makes you wonder what’s the secret sauce that will help you get clients you love, travel as a yoga instructor like you’ve always wanted, and feel success without the burnout!?

At a time of impasse in our yoga teaching (or like when we want to quit), it’s likely all of us could benefit from exploring our individuality as a teacher.

To learn what our strengths are, and what our own unique voice sounds like, loud or quiet,

And evaluate and determine our imprint as a yoga instructor,

We have to be facilitated to dig deeper into ourselves and share our own style.

Imagine being able to……

Finish projects you start

Get rid of overwhelm completely

Know where your next clients are coming from

Take the hustle out of your work life

And get paid more!


Being more confident as an instructor!

Feeling more excited to get up each morning!

Watching as your students improve and get better with each practice!

All while easing into a super calm work-life balance.

In the Boss Yogi Blueprint

I’ll show you how to:

Maintain a deep sense of awareness so you can explore the different options of your dream yoga business

Feel good about making money as an instructor

Use your link to your breath, intuition, incremental movement, and full-body awareness to build and succeed in business

And to wholeheartedly go after your desires with no regrets

If you’re a yoga teacher who has…

Imposter syndrome about how good of a teacher you are

Ever experienced self-doubt or disappointment by your results in selling workshops or retreats

Gotten so fed up by the field that you’ve wanted to give up

Please know you are NOT alone

Yes, watching inspo on handstands is inspiring…

But what’s even more amazing is the value you’re already bringing into your community – by showing up and being you

And by spending your life being inspired to create and study yoga!

And by bringing what you’ve learned to your classes!

You are inspiring others!

Life is way too short to focus on anything other than figuring out how to make yourself happy.

But don’t take it from me…


See What Others Have Said: 

The way Molly put the package together allows us as students to learn what works for us, take what we need and implement immediately, and bring joy to the process of building my business as well. When i say you’re doing awesome you’re just reinforcing her to keep working harder and it’s such positive motivation –  It’s also the presentation, I bought everything in pink to decorate my she shed – the desk is lit up, I was looking for a pink light but had to settle for a white desk light, everything is light, I’m excited to work on my “homework” because I’m hyper-focused on what’s important. There is a ton of accountability and support working with her and it keeps you wanting to work even harder because she provides so much positive motivation. The presentation of the material makes it that much more fun and she put her all into this program and thought of every detail. Plus she sprinkled the program with love. I still have reviews pouring in. I’ve gained so much momentum in my business! Plus, I gained three clients within the first two weeks of us working together!

-Madhavi Rao, Nuclear Technologist RYT 200 Falls Church, VA

My interaction with Molly has been through coaching & yoga, both of which have been amazing. Via a coaching call, she held a safe space to allow for productive discussion that was healthy, motivating and uplifting. She is so inspiring and caring and I highly recommend her for anyone in search for the power within you.

Trevor Gibbs, Meteorologist RYT 200 Poughkeepsie, NY

Woohoo! Just got my first article published in a magazine thanks to you!! It’s been so fun to work with you. Thank you so much for walking me through every step of the process and continually checking on my progress to make sure it happened. Couldn’t have done it without you Molly!

-Jeri Michelle Hartley, Yoga Sculpt Teacher Trainer RYT 200 Savannah, GA

I’m a sales consultant and when I felt like I was in a rut, Molly mentioned that she was doing career coaching. She and I spoke for an hour on my way to work two Fridays ago. She helped me get back to basics and flip what I was negatively constructing in my mind into positives and helped me realize where I was self-sabotaging and what I could do to improve. NO JOKE– I am over my goal 125% and have three more sales days in the month! I’M BACK!!:) And I can only thank Molly for helping me realize my strengths!! Thank you for boosting my confidence and sales Molly!

Jenny Goodwin, Sales Consultant at Sono Bello, Cherry Hill NJ


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If you also want to 

Keep current students happy while experiencing long term growth in your business as an instructor

Stay energized even when you have a lot on your plate

Feel organized

Move on from your day job and commit to being an instructor

Learn how to price products effectively!

Plan and sell out your workshops and retreats!

And work with dream clients who are perfect for you!

If you want to….

Deliver meaningful classes from your heart

Be part of projects that light you up

Share your expertise with the world

Get your products out there, make sales and be part of the conversation!

Then stop…

Wondering if your teaching will ever improve

Thinking other teachers are teaching the exact same style as you close by

And start…

Finding a niche that matches your expertise

Building revenue in your personal business as a yoga instructor

Working with others who have done the same

You also need:

A Powerful Message


And most of all…


And how are you going to be consistent if you’re disorganized?

If you’re ready to

Create a massive shift in your students

Show up as a leader every time

Release the overwhelm for how to build your dream clientele

Then you MUST

 Figure out how you can help others with your unique expertise

Work with who would benefit most from your existing expertise

Develop your clientele

In the Boss Yogi Blueprint

I’ll show you effective habits that work, and help you understand exactly how organic marketing works

I’ve put together the most cohesive, results driven, market-tested program that could possibly exist for yoga instructors

So you don’t have to feel like you’re constantly selling yourself

Do you know you’re already making a huge difference in your student’s lives?

I’ve been teaching 11 years, and I needed a quick system after much trial and error to see a difference in my business.

In this course, I’ll show you the exact step by step process I used to make way more of an impact in my student’s lives and reduce a ton of my own stress within my business as an instructor in a three-month time frame.

Stop struggling!

Start making an impact as a yoga teacher!

Doesn’t that sound good to you? Click the pink button to get started!

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