Boss Yogi Blueprint


PART I: Massively Uplevel Your Mindset

Remind yourself or identify your authentic voice as a teacher. Shift into the teacher that helps yogis find real peace of mind. Learn common mistakes yogis make when starting their sole proprietorship. Rewire your brain to efficiently get rid of behaviors related to self-sabotage and procrastination. Gain measurable tools in confidence-building. Track your progress to make the most of our time together and schedule logistics. 

PART II: Organize and Sequence Your Classes

In this portion, develop the different skills that go into how to teach effectively.  You’ll learn how to connect with your students, use the energy of the room to build and sequence, and how to be a great storyteller! This section is packed with alignment and energetics as well as how to sequence and theme in your classes. Finally, we’ll look at how cues vary according to style. Break down the many different ways the body responds to yoga, through body awareness cueing, language, tone, and energetics to deliver an aligned class every time you teach.   Identify your signature style and choose a product that would be aligned with who you are as a teacher.  

PART III: Identify Your Client

Your style of teaching is not your niche. Gain clarity on who your teaching is geared towards based on your training and experience.  Get insight on why people do or do not come back to class. Connect with those who would most benefit from your unique style based on internal cues and insights gained in this section. Slash comparisonitis forever. 

PART IV: Understand Organic Messaging 

Gain an unfair advantage of content strategy to understand organic messaging, to the tune of never investing in a single Facebook Ad. Learn and implement the most effective ways to set yourself apart.  Make an impact so that you only have to work with clients that are ideal for YOU and for all the work you’ve already put in to learn how to teach.  

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