High On Spirit Quartz

An empath walks into a bar without her spirit quartz…..


Protect Your Energy

While using crystals is super beneficial, why use them as a protection field when you can guard yourself with your actions?

Your energy is your responsibility. Own it.

If you’ve tried everything and you’re still burnt out, consider the what truly gives and depletes you of energy will help.

No one can take your power unless you let them.

The reason that you get to a point that you don’t care about anything anymore is because you’re leaking your energy when you don’t have to.

Quit the Empathy/ Apathy Cycle

Sensitive people make excellent nurses, mothers, friends and are internally strong. They’re visionaries; they lift everyone up around them, they have an uncanny understanding of another’s desires and emotions, and they’re the ones everyone turns to in crisis.

When a friend needs actual help, they call their super deep, loving, sensitive best friend.

The gift of sensitivity allows you to point out issues from multiple perspectives, put your own emotions aside, and solve your friend’s issues effortlessly.

With all of these gifts, a sensitive person is always listening to their inner truth, while questioning what’s actually going to make them happy.

They know that what makes them happy changes daily with the flow of life, which is why they think from a perspective of being the giver and searching for ways to be more supportive in their community.

They also understand their own evolving needs.

Every day they ask:

How can I show up? How can I help others? Have I given enough today?

What makes a sensitive person a super genius is the ability to simultaneously ask the above WHILE considering how to serve from a fully energized, fulfilled and enriched place.

An empath who masters the above is quite literally unstoppable.

The first thing you need to know is: you don’t need to protect yourself.

Visualization and crystal energy has no power unless you give them power. Continue to visualize your inner power extending to the edges of your aura like a shield, but also consider some of the more intrinsic qualities of protecting yourself.


Standing up for yourself..

Speaking up when you agree or disagree…

Speaking nicely to yourself out loud and to others…

Course correct while carrying crystals to protect energy, as supplement, to the way you interact with your environment.

Don’t let crystals be the solution to your energy.

People are going to act whatever way they want to; it doesn’t mean you have to let yourself get affected by it.

Create an energy light around yourself, carry crystals and draw from the essence of oils and incense once your inner power is already secure.

They work in conjunction to acting as if..

Know who you are and then show up as that.

Remember that anything outside of yourself that is giving you any type of power or protection, is not coming from your own true power.

Use crystals and other practices to protect you in addition to already being secure. Master your emotions. Use crystals in tandem with doing the inner work.



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