Fitness For the Long Term

Fitness For the Long Term


This blog’s about eating habits.


What habits do you change to lose weight long term without trying?


This article is for you if your workouts revolve around your life, and your life doesn’t revolve around your workouts.


Let’s say you promised yourself you’d work out today, but you don’t want to work out because it’s too long a drive, you worked hard all day already and you’re ready to cook dinner.


You have to create habits that will outweigh this impulse. It’s not about willpower. It’s about tricking yourself to acting in alignment with your highest goals and get to the gym!


Proactively trick your laziness by packing your gym bag the night before and putting it in your car. If your gym bag is already in your car, then that’s one less step you have to go through to complete your desired outcome of going to the gym. If you pack your bag the night before, you’ll follow through because basically you’re already half way there anyway. And put a small snack bar in there, for emergencies only.

Let’s say you’ve just entertained and there’s still desserts in the house?

I have a sweet tooth so I’m in the camp of “get the cupcakes out of the house” instead of “master your ability to be around the unhealthy foods.”

My mom talks like this and then she actually doesn’t end up eating the cupcakes. If you’re in this camp, more power to you, you’re kind of like Jackie Chan, ninjaing around the cupcakes.

Some of us aren’t there yet. (But these tips are designed to take you there!)

The following are a list of simple actions you can take to get back to your goal weight if you haven’t researched lifestyle in a while and would like a refresher.

  • Stop eating once you’re full.
  • Pack your lunch for work and put whole foods in there!
  • Meal prep the same foods every week. See How To Meal Prep to learn more.
  • Pack a snack.
  • Drink Water!
  • Youtube a 7 minute HIIT workout. (Caveat: protect your joints.)
  • Change the classic “park your car super far from the entrance” to “stop getting annoyed when you can’t find a closer parking spot.”  Stress keeps the weight on.



Consider the phrase spoken out loud “I’m going back on that diet!”

It’s a declaration to continue to cheat yourself. You need a lifestyle change, not another diet. “I’m going back on that diet” is a huge red flag.

Your subconscious mind is screaming “please connect to your body more! please stop eating when you’re not hungry! eat nourishing whole foods for fuel!” Your conscious mind is trying to appease your subconscious by saying “I’m going back on that diet.” It’s a big red flag.

Also, if the diet worked, why ya going back on it?!

Another way not to talk to yourself on a lifestyle change is to say, “I’ll work extra hard in the gym tomorrow.” This is a line from IDK where, gym owners.

Working extra hard in the gym tomorrow is not the answer. The answer to your weight loss goals is consistently eating well. If you can’t do this on your own, with all the love in my heart, hire someone to teach you how.

Sometimes carb heavy foods are good for you and weigh you down and ground you so you can chill the f out.

What you eat is strongly connected to your emotions. You don’t want just the cupcake. You want the feeling you get from the cupcake.

Act as if, and don’t say you want it. Proving it to yourself is a completely different story than saying you want to lose weight.

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